Strategy and Development

Life coaching solutions for the individual and marketing strategy for the small business owner.

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What I Offer

Personal Development

Build resilience, hope, purpose, and vision with an organic balance of conversation and strategic process.

Small Business Planning

Gain clarity on how to build your business idea or grow your brand by using a step-by-step formula.

Marketing Strategy & Business Development

Establish new strategies, goals, and tactics necessary to achieve aggressive growth targets and market share within existing accounts and markets, while expanding into new markets.


Life Coaching

- Workshops
- Personal coaching sessions
- Articles for publications

Small Business Coaching

- Business development workshops
- Personal coaching sessions
- Executive coaching

Business Consulting

- Business and marketing plan development
- Marketing strategy
- Staff coaching and development


Content Development

- Articles and blogs
- Manuals and brochures
- Websites

Stephanie Weichert, MBA, ACC, CPT

Stephanie Weichert is a certified Life and Executive Coach, Strategic Interventionist, published author, speaker, strategic director for START Fitness® and business consultant. She has performed life coaching workshops for the Tennessee Army National Guard Warrior Fit Camp program, the Kentucky Army National Guard Operation Immersion course, Tennessee Army National Guard′s Children Attitude Motivation Program (CAMP), canfitpro and Empower Fitness Conferences. In addition to being a life coach, Stephanie is certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), has a B.A. from San Francisco State University, and an MBA from King University. She has written for,, Foundations, Hooah, Military Spouse and GX®: The National Guard Experience.

Highlighted Experience


“For as long as I can remember, I was walking a path surrounded by self-doubt, stress, and anger.  When the opportunity presented itself to work with Stephanie, I just had to seize it.  Through wholehearted conversation, she took the time to hear my stories and provide tools to respond to those daily challenges life throws out there.  Stephanie has helped me be more aware of how to implement my natural skills in everyday activities; to assess how my core values are impacted if someone tries to put me down; and how raising a family is about taking your time in order to admire the fruits your labour years down the road, rather than seeking quick results. Stephanie is one of the best coaches you can have in your corner.”


“‘Real,’ is the word that would best describe working with Stephanie. Her ability to bring out the REAL you is breathtaking and brings a sense of relief. With all the right questions and an incredible sense of understanding, Stephanie brings forth an open conversation that allows you to get vulnerable with yourself and the situations going on in your life. The weight of feeling like a failure was lifted. She was able to help me get out of rut I didn’t even know I was in. Her wisdom of knowing how to ask the right questions at the right time and her strength of listening is a combination of one incredible mentor. It was a blessing being able to work with her and get her insights and knowledge on how to STEP forward to becoming the best YOU!”


“Stephanie has the ability to take fifteen minutes of conversation and turn them into a life-changing moment. I′ve had several such experiences with her. She goes straight to the heart of the matter, helping you discover the answer to your heart′s cries yourself, then encouraging you to step into their fulfillment by showing you how the impossible really is within your reach. There is no sense of hype or cheerleading, just authentic scaffolding. I′m blessed that I can look back over the past few years and see that visits with Stephanie are consistently major pivot points to the direction I am going with my life. At each occasion, I walk away with a greater sense of my identity, my purpose, and practical tools for embracing those more fully in the midst of current situations.” 

Mary H.

“Stephanie is a BRILLIANT life coach. Every time I have a conversation with her, I am amazed at the clarity that follows. Regardless of the length, from 5 minutes to 90 minutes, each call leaves me with the same life-changing impact. Even more, Stephanie fosters an environment of safety and trust with each call – I always feel as though I can share any detail or answer any question without shame or distrust. I’m always amazed at how easy it is to talk to her! Stephanie has a patient, wholehearted method that allows me to leave every call mentally defogged, empowered, and ready to take action.”

Amanda Mercer

“Stephanie is the kind of person that everyone would benefit from having as a coach. Her listening skills are excellent! She is never critical but is always positive and encouraging. She engages you in such a way that you think more seriously about how to respond to life situations with a more positive approach. The homework assignments were right on target. I would recommend her as a coach because of the way she approaches various life issues.”

I. Gaines

“Stephanie is a superb coach and listener who has the uncanny knack for getting straight to the heart of your conflicts and aspirations. She guides her clients with empathy, humor, and wisdom. I look forward to my sessions with Stephanie because I feel honored by her and encouraged to make life changes with commitment and grace.”

Debby Phelps

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