Connect with The Daring Way™ Program

“We can’t get to a brave new ending if we start from an inauthentic place” – Dr. Brené Brown

How do I explain The Daring Way™ to people who have never encountered the material before? The Daring Way™ program is a way to connect with your most authentic self. It helps light the path toward connecting with your deepest values, showing up and being brave in your life in a way that maybe, you’ve never done before. I know that this material has really helped me to explore what has been holding me back and how to vulnerably move forward.

Integrating The Daring Way™ material into our life doesn’t mean that we don’t slip back into old habits but it does mean that we recognize those habits. It is a way to learn to become more resilient so that we are able to dive back in after experiencing a fall. It means that we continue to move forward bravely. This is why I am so passionate about the work. I feel like it can really help us move forward into the different arena’s of life bravely and courageously. Those arena’s might be marriages, work, or personal relationships. I think everyone can benefit from these things.

This is why I am interested in offering The Daring Way™ personal and group sessions. I can also arrange private group coaching sessions for your small group. If group coaching is not your preference, I also do personal coaching. If you might benefit from walking through the material with me, please send me an email.


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