I love to write in order to inspire others. It’s part of my purpose. I have a current Life Coaching column on and I write for other publications on contract. I’ve also written numerous health and fitness magazine articles for Foundations, Hooah, Military Spouse, GX®: The National Guard Experience.

Here is the link to my magazine articles on the topic of health, wellness and fitness.

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  1. Hey Stephanie !! I am attending the DCAC conference next month and glad to see your husband participating this year ..! Will you be joining him ? I would love to meet you as I am a ” Military-Wanna-Be” who is mother of 3, recently divorced and embarking on a most passionate purpose to guide others to find their inner strength and resilience , much like what you two do !! I am participating in the ” Be the next Big Presenter ” and also working as a staff member at the conference !! Let me know if you will be there! My website is Strength Within.. thank you and happy Saturday !! Oooahhh!

    1. Hi Monica! I am so sorry I didn’t see this sweet note earlier!!!! I’m so glad you reached out! I believe you will shine in this next season!

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