Youth Workshop Testimonials



“I am going to get through this camp and make it through school and graduate. I wanted to drop out but now I′m not going to let anybody try to stop me. I have to set a goal to get through school and go to college and stick to that goal all the way then set a new goal when I finish the first goal I made for myself.” Kelli, age 16


“When I get home I am going to use what I learned all the time. You have taught me a life lesson that I probably would have never learned if it wasn′t for you. You have taught me that I can′t change my parents, that they would have to do that on their own and that I would have to change myself. I am going to stop disobeying my parents and the law. Whatever my parents tell me to do, I will do it the first time they ask instead of saying, “I forgot to do it.” I will appreciate all of the stuff my parents do for me. I am going to graduate high school. Thank you for what you have taught me.” – Ryan, age 16


“I have learned that I am in charge of myself and my actions. I learned to forget my past and focus on my future. I have also learned that if I want something in life that I need to go and get it, and not to wait around. Another thing I learned is that you can′t change your parents no matter what. You need to focus on yourself. If you focus on something you cannot change, then you are going to be stuck in the same place. Thank you for everything. I appreciate everything you and your husband have done.” – Justin, age 17


“One thing I learned is that I can′t change my parents, but I can change myself. Just because my mom did drugs and didn′t start her life on a good foot, doesn′t mean I will or have to follow in her steps. Thank you for the valuable life lesson. I will use it to try and help her.” – Aaron, age 15


“I learned just because I have a bad record now doesn′t mean anything. You can′t let your past rule your future. I can make better decisions and learn to say, “no.” Then, I could actually turn my life around and be happy! You really brought some inspiration to me. Thank you!” – Justin, age 15


“I learned a lot of workouts and emotional tips to help my family to get through hard times.” – Brad, age 16


“It made me think about how much happier I could be if I would just let myself. I thought about my little brothers. I want to change for the better so I can get a car and have freedom again. And I want a better relationship with my mom. I′m tired of being unhappy and getting in trouble. So, I′m going to do better.” – Christian, age 15


“I learned that the past doesn′t make your future, you do. So that′s basically saying it doesn′t matter what you did in the past, you can change at anytime. So from this day forward, I′m going to be a different person.” – Eric, age 16


“I learned that the past doesn′t have to make up your future and I only can change the things I have been doing and turn my life around for the better. I greatly thank you [Stephanie] and SGT Ken for all the great skills you and he have taught me. I would probably be in jail if it weren′t for the skills that you have taught me. Please thank SGT Ken for me for the wonderful award I was given. Thank you.” – Jason, age 16


“I′ve learned that you don′t have to let your past get in your way. Keep your self-respect or motivation high. You have taught me that I really don′t and will never be able to change my parents, only myself. Stephanie′s, SGT Ken′s and the other classes we have been taking have given me an extra nudge. When I got here, myself was all I thought about. As the days went by, your program gave me that respect for my SGT′s and SRO officers. Thank you for this program.” – C., age 15


“I have learned how to make my life easier and when I graduate boot camp, I′m going to show people that I have changed my life and I am going to tell people that they can change their lives and show them how to do that. I also have learned my abilities. I know what right and wrong is and I am going to start going to church more than what I have. I am going to graduate high school after this year.” – Bradlee, age 17


“Your class helped inspire me to straighten up, not smoke weed and cigarettes, and to get in the best shape of my life. Your class inspired me to think twice before I do anything stupid and also to make a good lifestyle.” – Sam


“Your workshop was very useful to me. When I get home, I′m going to put down alcohol, tobacco and weed so I can be a good role model and big brother to my three little brothers. This program helped me realize what I did was my fault and nobody else′s. I want to go home and gain my mother′s trust.” – Wes, age 16


“I will use what I learned in this class to have a positive attitude with whatever I′m doing in order to get a great outcome.” – Trevor, age 15


“Mrs. Weichert taught me that my past does not control my future; that I can be anything I want to be; and I learned to take action and achieve my goals. She taught me that I am strong on a mental and physical level and that anything is possible.” – Ryan, age 14


“It helped me learn not to let your past judge your future. Always push forward in everything you do. You can anything you set your mind to. Get a goal in your head and stick to it. I′m going to use this very god information to help me when I′m feeling down and get angry to help me not get in trouble again and push forward in my life.” – Tim, age 16


“This program helped me realize that no matter what kind of past you have had it′s not too late to change for the better. If you set your mind to something and push yourself toward that goal you can accomplish anything. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.” – Dylan, age 15

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