My Story

My story begins with my husband leaving for war with three days notice, the day after we were married. My new husband had a fitness business. I had a background in marketing and business development. I was given the opportunity to run his business while he was gone or let it close. That year while my husband was deployed, I got certified as a trainer and took over the management of our private program, START Fitness®. When he came home and assumed the roles of fitness instructor and Tactical Director, I was presented the opportunity to reinvent myself – again. It is a process that has never really stopped.


I’ve been blessed to contribute to my husband’s programs as a business partner, fitness instructor, and as a certified life coach. Since my husband has returned from war we have created a few different programs to help Soldiers develop confidence, a higher level of fitness, and overcome PTSD. Our programs have been used as a Tactical Fitness Training Program for the Army National Guard, as a comprehensive wellness program for the Suicide Prevention Task Force, and for fitness kits including Operation Family Fit video series for the Air National Guard. As sole contributors and together as a couple, we’ve produced over 150 articles for different publications to include GX®, Hooah!, Military Spouse,, and


As we suggest to instructors all over the world, I also invest in my own education. In addition to a personal training certification, Strategic Intervention Certificate and Daring Way Program Certificate, I graduated from the Capp Institute’s Personal and Executive Coaching Program, and King University’s MBA Program.


Long story short, I got into coaching after realizing that a single speech on nutrition didn’t cause change to take root. I started my journey into coaching with this question – “If the information I’m presenting is based in science, why didn’t my audience members lose the weight?” As I moved through two separate coaching certifications, it became less about learning why people didn’t lose weight, and more about understanding why people got and stayed stuck not sharing their skills and personality with the world. I became a student of the process of transition and personal reinvention and found my calling. I’ve paired my background in business development with skills in personal development in order to help people who are looking for their true purpose and deeper fulfillment.

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